01. The frog hopped off the [log] into the water.
02. The children spent the day exploring the beach, and building a fort out of [logs].
03. He threw a [log] onto the fire, causing a shower of sparks to fall on the dry grass.
04. The old man lives in a [log] cabin he built with his own hands.
05. Any changes made to the program need to be [logged] in the computer.
06. These special Christmas [logs] burn with red, green, and blue flames.
07. The raccoon ran into a hollow [log] to escape from the dogs.
08. The elephant's trunk is very strong and flexible, allowing an elephant to pick a tiny flower or lift a heavy [log].
09. The [loggers] wrapped the tree in steel cables, so it could be lifted out by helicopter.
10. We must conserve our forests if we want there to be [logging] jobs for our children and grandchildren.
11. [Logging] is one of the main industries of the state of Washington.
12. We need to reduce the total number of trees that are cut down in this state if we want to continue to have a [logging] industry in the future.
13. The exportation of raw [logs] to Asia and the U.S. continues to be one of this province's most important industries.
14. The area was reforested about 30 years ago, and is scheduled to be [logged] in the near future.
15. The environmental organization Greenpeace has called for a boycott of lumber produced in our state to protest the [logging] of old growth forest.
16. Bambi and his mother jumped over the [log] and escaped into the forest.
17. Wayne was completely paralyzed from the neck down as a result of breaking his neck when he dove into the lake, and hit his head on a [log].
18. The trees towered over the [loggers] who were preparing to cut them down.
19. The captain's [log] detailed the events that led to the death of the entire crew.
20. Captain Kirk kept a daily [log] of the Starship Enterprise's voyages through space.

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